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"Cyber is our middle name"

     Chesapeake Cyber Solutions, LLC (CCA) is registered in the state of Maryland. The founder has over 20 years experience developing business with DoD and Executive branch agencies for "Fortune 500" companies and small businesses. He is a host of the monthly Maryland Marketing Meetings, typically attended by 70-100 people, to provide networking* opportunities and business development information.

     We also have a wealth of experience creating custom websites and complex on-line databases. Our use of Linux servers and the latest techniques help protect websites from malicious attacks and loss of data. We offer website encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3.0 certificates to high-level encrypt segments of network connections at the transport layer end-to-end, to help ensure privacy. This type encryption is typically applied for credit card transactions, private commerce and email. Other versions of transport layer security and authentication/non-repudiation are available. Please see links to sample websites near the bottom of the website page.

Please contact us for more information.

* Footnotes:

  1. Networking is about connecting: Connections lead to more connections and the result is similar to connecting the dots whereby each dot takes you to another connection. Long story short, no connection is too boring, a waste of time, or useless. Value each connection because you just never know who knows whom. Remember: Connect, connect, connect, period!

  2. Networking is about relationships: Networking is NOT about instant gratification. You have to meet the person over and over and over again to first form a relationship, then to leverage that relationship, and then to create mutual benefit. Remember: Networking is a longer-term investment. Results may not be achieved in one, two or even 17 months.

  3. Networking is not selling. Networking is marketing which may or may not lead to a sale, transaction, or money exchanging hands.
    Remember: Learn to market, not sell.

  4. Networking requires integrity: This is a good one that is my biggest pet peeve. So what does integrity in networking look like? It looks like the following:

    • Telling the Truth
    • Remembering a referral
    • Being a loyal networker
    • Remembering to return a favor
    • Sticking by your commitments
    • Returning the favor

    Remember: It is a small world, you just never know when you will need the other person
  5. Networking beyond what is in it for me: Even successful individuals have asked me; what is in it for me. My answer; whatever you put in and whatever you want to make of it. Remember: Networking means givers gain. If you are successful, share and gain from that sharing. Sharing does not lessen your success and only helps create good-will ambassadors for you.

Contact Us:
Chesapeake Cyber Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 641
Pasadena, MD 21123-0641
Mobile: (410) 215-5780
Fax: (443) 927-7992

updated 07/08/2013

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